How To Trim Your Dog's...Nails!

And Why You're Probably
Dumber Than Your Dog


Besides nail trimming and washing and grooming tips, this book covers training issues, behavior, and myths and misconceptions.

More importantly, it delves into how dogs perceive and respond to us and how oblivious we can be to the information and messages we provide them without even knowing it, often with negative, or least unproductive consequences.

From the book's Preface:

"This book is for people who would like to learn some basic—but important and often overlooked and misunderstood—dog-care principles and tips. It is also intended to encourage a better comprehension of dogs by their human caretakers. Unfortunately, even though we love animals, we humans often have blinders on when it comes to understanding them.
Erroneous information is also often accepted too easily without critical review, due, simply, to its popularity. In other words, just because something has been said to be true many times over an extended period of time, and is believed by many or most, that does not make it so.
I try to point out both similarities and differences between humans and dogs, to hopefully get readers thinking more like dogs and better understand the animals that we began to live with thousands of years ago. We often either try to make them too much like ourselves, or else at the other extreme, greatly exaggerate our differences. My intent is to encourage readers to look at dogs, and in the process themselves, realistically. The book’s title is obviously intended to be lighthearted. I am not arguing that dogs are more intelligent than human be-ings. Rather then lack of intelligence, it is lack of knowledge, awareness, and sometimes common sense that makes us appear dumber than our dogs at times...."

On Nails:

"Most people experience anything from apprehension to near terror at the thought of trimming their dog’s nails! Because of this, the feet of most dogs are not only improperly maintained, but grossly neglected. I do not believe I am exaggerating in stating that overgrown nails are probably one of the two most prevalent symptoms of neglect of dogs by their caretakers. The other is obesity. Both are easily avoidable, yet can significantly affect quality of life...."

Table of Contents


  1. Nail Trimming 101

  2. Perceptions

  3. Behavoir

  4. Wash & Groom Tips

  5. Dog Lifting 101

  6. Myths & Misconceptions

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