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It is not known how digital books (eBooks), will evolve in the future, but PDF remains the most popular format. I have chosen the PDF format because of its wide distribution (the software is free, and most computers have the software installed), its ease of use with virtually all operating systems, and its publishing and reader features.

PDF eBooks allow readers to do things that paper books do not. For instance, you can jump to specific parts of a book by clicking bookmarks or Table of Contents links. You can also be taken directly to relevant Web sites by clicking links, do searches, zoom in and out, etc. Additionally, the books can be set up to allow printing by readers.

For writers and publishers, eBooks can allow faster publication, easier distribution, and the ability to update or revise material quickly.

Adobe Reader® is the program generally used to view PDF files. It is widely used to display PDF documents on, or downloaded from, Internet Web sites. It is also used for documentation accompanying software, for transmittal of business documents, and for eBooks. So there is a good chance you already have it on your computer.

If you would like to download the latest version of Reader® for free, click the link below:

Acrobat Reader link


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