Start Your Own
Self-Serve Dog Wash
2nd Edition

A detailed guide to creating and operating
a successful business


Are you interested in starting your own Self-Serve Dog Wash, but aren't sure how to go about it the right way? Do you want to avoid costly mistakes?

Help is on the way! While operating a self-serve dog wash he created himself, the author received many inquiries from prospective entrepreneurs seeking information. He finally decided to put his knowledge and experience to work helping others realize their goal of establishing their own dog-wash businesses. This one-of-a-kind book covers the entire process, and contains the experience-proven help and information you need.

Written by Dave Grass, the author of Start Your Own Professional Pet-Sitting Service, and other books.

There is a lot to know about starting a dog-wash business. This 188 page step-by-step guide provides the information, guidance, tips, and resources needed. There are also 49 illustrations, and even links to Web sites where equipment and business help are available.

The book helps readers create and operate a business the right way:

  • Without making mistakes and having to learn by trial and error.
  • Without having to spend huge amounts of time and energy researching and planning every detail.
  • Without wasting money.
It will be by far the most important purchase you make if you are interested in starting this type of business.

Table of Contents


  1. Why and How?

  2. Some Things to Consider

  3. Finding a Building

  4. Setting Up the Business

  5. Creating the Facility

  6. Tubs and Accessories

  7. Other Equipment & Supplies

  8. Wash and Groom Tips

  9. Cleanliness

  10. Additions/Other Businesses

  11. Animals and Customers

  12. Competition

  13. Advertising

    Final Thoughts


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