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Start Your Own Professional Pet-Sitting Service
A step-by-step guide to inexpensive startup and successful, profitable operation
by David A. Grass

ISBN 0-9716540-5-0 148 pages $24.95
Revised edition!

The best, most complete book on this topic available! Practical material that helps new sitters get started quickly and correctly, and current sitters improve and grow their businesses. Pet-sitting forms are also available separately, or as a complete package with the book (see below). More Information

  • "Start Your Own Professional Pet-Sitting Service by David Grass, in my opinion is one of the most complete guides to pet sitting I have read in a long time. There is a lot more to this business than just putting a leash on a dog and walking it. There are many aspects that David covered very well in an easy to read format."

    Lorraine Zdeb, President of The National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS)

  • "I am impressed by your book - very comprehensive and better than others I have seen."

    Ian White of Pet-Sitters.Biz

  • "David Grass enumerates every practical detail from the stuff you will need to start your business to ways to handle difficult animals and customers....Grassís e-book is a hit with many professional pet sitters and their associations for its printable business forms. With its vast informational material and helpful business tricks the book is definitely a handy guide to starting and managing a professional pet-sitting service."

    Suman Mudamula,

  • "Excellent work!! I would recommend this book along with its printable business forms to anyone considering starting a pet-sitting operation. The material is informative, easy to read, amusing, and comprehensive. In fact, I think it's the only CD/book a person really needs for starting such a service for animals and their caregivers. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, David Grass."

    Lynne Goldsmith

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Pet-Sitting Business Forms
by David A. Grass

3 Forms and directions $29.95

Much experience and effort went into developing this practical package! Includes Service Agreement/Contract, Service Schedule, and Thank You/Evaluation forms, as well as complete directions.

Instead of a bunch of unnecessary and expensive "fluff" forms that you don't need and are difficult to keep track of, these 3 forms do the job of many, and better. They are all most sitters need, they reduce copying or printing costs, and they greatly improve organization, which is one of the most important requirements of being a good and successful pet sitter. More Information


Start Your Own Professional Pet-Sitting Service + Pet-Sitting Forms!
by David A. Grass

ISBN 0-9716540-0-X
148 pages + 3 forms and directions

This is a complete package which includes both the book and the business forms. Just what you need to get your business started and operated the right way.

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More Information - FORMS

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Start Your Own Self-Serve Dog Wash, 2nd Edition
A detailed guide to creating and operating a successful business
by David A. Grass

ISBN 978-0-9716540-4-4 188 pages and 49 illustrations

Detailed, experience-proven information and guidance that covers the entire process. Includes obtaining a building, how to physically set up your facility, equipment, advertising, tips and techniques, how to keep customers satisfied and coming back, and much more!

This is the second edition of the book (released 1/29/07).

This edition has been rewritten with updated and additional information (33 new pages and more illustrations).

More Information

  • "Your book is the greatest source of information and has made the whole process of getting into this business less time consuming in finding out the details. It should be everyone's handbook to SSDW."

  • "Thanks for the advice!  Loved the book.  It makes a great gift!"

  • "We just opened our pet wash after reading Dave's book and using it as a guide. The book is a must! We saved thousands..."

  • "...thank you so much for writing this book. It is going to save me so much valuable time!"

  • "First let me start by saying your book has been THE best investment I could ever imagine for starting my SSDW! The content was beyond informative and very well written. Your humor is great,I found myself chuckling now and then; which is refreshing as I take on the slightly stressful (and rewarding) task of starting my own business, an aspiration I have looked at doing for over ten years. You answered the many questions and concerns I had in starting my SSDW and I found the pics especially helpful. You are my hero!"

  • "The book is excellent. Very helpful....Thanks for the info."

  • "I found the book to be extremely helpful!...The information contained within was well worth the money spent."

  • "I just finished the book and it is definitely an excellent resource."

  • "I'm not saying that Dave Grass has all the answers; but I can guarantee you that he has most of them. (and I'm not being paid a cent to say that)."

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Start Your Own Professional Pet-Sitting Service
Start Your Own Self-Serve Dog Wash, 2nd Edition

Both books at a $10 discount!

ISBN 0-9716540-5-0 ISBN 978-0-9716540-4-4 $54.90

Interested in finding out about both of these pet-related businesses? Or are you interested in one and know someone who would like to find out about the other? Both books are available together at $10 off combined individual prices.

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All 5 pet-related books are now available for only $69!

This is a more than 25% savings (-$23.75) off the individual total of $92.75, plus there is no shipping charge!

Includes all of the following:

  • Start Your Own Professional Pet-Sitting Service

  • Start Your Own Self-Serve Dog Wash

  • How To Trim Your Dog's...Nails! And Why You're Probably Dumber Than Your Dog

  • Did You Know This Pet Stuff?

  • off the mark CARTOONS, Pets and other Animals
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