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Animusic - Computer Animated Music
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You have to see and hear this stuff to believe how good it it!  See feedback below.

Both DVDs are now available - Animusic #1 and #2!

Great prices, and we pay for shipping!  Plus, we'll give you a full refund if you don't love it!

Encounter new dimensions of sight and sound on the ANIMUSIC Video Album DVD. It features seven unique animated videos, each an intricate melding of music and visuals that entertains viewers of all ages. Recently featured on PBS.

This is a breakthrough video that will change music and computer generated animation forever--nothing like it has ever been done before!

ANIMUSIC's debut DVD contains seven music animations. In addition, the DVD includes various special features, described below.

Includes the following:
(click on images to play low-resolution Windows Media Player samples):

Acoustic Curves
Acoustic Curves

Drum Machine
Drum Machine
Aqua Harp
Aqua Harp
Pipe Dream
Pipe Dream
Future Retro
Future Retro
Stick Figures
Stick Figures
Harmonic Voltage
Harmonic Voltage
    Special features on the DVD:
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  • An additional 76 minutes of Solo-Cam video. Watch a single instrument from a fixed viewpoint and listen in more detail to its part in the music. Use your remote's Angle button to switch freely between up to 3 different Solo-Cams.
    1pixshim.gif - 43 Bytes
  • Over 250 fascinating production stills showing the design evolution of instruments and stages.
    1pixshim.gif - 43 Bytes
  • An entertaining and informative Director's Commentary.
*The DVD is encoded to play on DVD players purchased in any country.


"This DVD is unbelievable! Every person that has seen it is totally blown away..."

"I have the DVD and have sent two to friends. A genuine masterpiece of art and technology."

"I just have to say that I've recently received your DVD and it is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing DVDs I have ever seen! I was originally shown the Pipedreams clip by a friend of mine and I have shown that clip to a lot of people. Every person that has seen it (and these are people from both musical and non musical backgrounds) was totally blown away."

"I was channel surfing when I caught a portion of the "Aqua Harps" on television. I was so fascinated!!! I started yelling at my Husband to come watch it the beautiful music and graphics I found indescribable. He was as speechless as I was. We proceeded to purchase the DVD. We were both glued to the screen and enjoyed each and every selection."

"Absolutely AWESOME! It gives me goose bumps every time I see the videos."

"I cannot tell you how many hours we've been mesmerized by the tape. Our whole family, young and old, love it!


"It's amazing! Everything about it is unique. It's a DVD you'll talk about and show your friends!"

"Your dvd is just incredible. I can watch it over and over and anyone I show it to feels the same way. The music alone is excellent let alone adding the graphics to it. Highly recommend it to everyone."

"This video is awesome! The animation is wonderful and the music composition is out of this world."

"Wow!!!!!!!!! There comes a time in everyone's life when something will boggle the mind and have a jaw-dropping affect. This happened to us when we watched our video. We first saw an excerpt on TV....If there were enough words in the English language to describe this video, it would include awesome, brilliant, breathtaking and don't forget 'it blows you away.'"

"Absolutely incredible! Brilliant piece of animation, with a wonderfully hip musical score."

"I was (and still am) speechless..."

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Amazing Computer Art
by Mark S. Terreri

ISBN 0-9716540-8-5
91 pages and 80 pictures, and 240 individual pictures (3 sizes of all 80) in .jpg format

Some of the coolest pictures you will ever see! These unique, original pictures are not only a pleasure to enjoy while paging through the book, they can also be used as wonderful, attention-getting, desktop wallpapers for your computer monitor. Three sizes are included for various monitors (even one for handheld devices). This package makes a wonderful gift! More Information

  • "These pictures really ARE amazing! How do you create them?"

  • "Not only do I enjoy them everyday--everyone who walks by my desk and sees them, stops and ask me about them..."

  • "You really have a talent. This is a great collection. I now find my ever-changing wallpaper an inspiration when I sit down to work at my computer!"

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